What are customers saying about Anything2DVD? 

We have helped thousands of families convert their old home video tapes to DVDs and digital files. Here are just a few of the wonderful experiences that our customers had with converting their home videos with Anything2DVD.

Tapes with DVD

"We found some very old films that had been stored for ages at my in-laws house.  We had Anything2DVD convert them to disc for us.  Some of these have not been seen since the kids were all very young.  When my sister-in-law, Jenny watched them, she watched her mother holding her as a baby.  Her mother passed away when Jenny was just a very young girl and Jenny had no pictures of the two of them together.  She was able to make a copy of this picture that will be a treasure for not only herself, but her entire family.  It has been such a blessing to have these films put on discs."  - Laurel, South Jordan UT


"I had some tapes from a camcorder that I could not get to play. I called and spoke to Zac and he said he would be able to restore them and put them on to DVD's. I was so thrilled because these tapes were from a family reunion that had living history and interviews with my mother and aunts who have since passed away. To have these tapes restored and put into a DVD was priceless. It has been such a blessing to put the DVD in and watch and listen to stories from long ago. I am beyond grateful for Zac and Anything2DVD for restoring a priceless piece of history for my family." - Allyson, West Jordan UT


"Zac, the owner, not only does high quality work, he is also incredibly congenial, flexible, and overall had the fairest and best pricing in the Salt Lake market. I've used Anything2DVD for multiple audio/video conversion projects, and our family has really enjoyed seeing all of those old VHS and Hi8 tapes from so long ago. It also gives me peace of mind to know I have multiple copies to share and all in digital format." - Ronnie, Millcreek UT


"I just wanted to thank you for converting the DVD's for my dad. He was so shocked and so thankful. When he opened them up, he looked at the discs, then looked again and said, "Oh! My! Gosh! You have got to be kidding me!" He even had tears in his eyes. It was so much fun to watch the movies later that evening. Thank you again for preserving our precious memories."  - Jill, Taylorsville UT


"I reached out via email to Anything2DVD on a Tuesday, December 19th to inquire about having some Hi8 cassettes converted to DVD. The owner responded to me with a phone call within an hour of my sending the email. He quoted me the pricing for the service, which was very reasonable. I asked about the possibility of having the tapes done in time for me to give to my wife a Christmas present, fully realizing that would probably not be possible due to the lateness of the request, and knowing they would be pretty swamped with the holiday. Sure enough, Zac, the owner, advised me that most likely he would not be able to have them done that quickly. I brought the tapes to Zac the following evening, December 20th. You can well imagine my surprise when I got a phone call the following day from Zac advising me that my DVDs were completed and ready for pickup. Boy, talk about fantastic service! Needless to say, I was more than pleased with not only the service, but also the quality of the product. I would highly recommend Anything2DVD, and will definitely use them again in the future! And I guess it goes without saying that my wife was thrilled with her Christmas present." - Chad, Herriman UT


"The service was friendly and very fast.  I'm so excited to have so many of my old photographs digitally accessible to share whenever I want.  It's also great peace of mind to know I can make backups so those memories will never be lost to time or damage.  That includes treasured old photos of deceased grandparents and many fondly remembered family occasions.  Thank you for making that possible!"  - Nate, West Jordan UT


"I am so excited to finally be able to watch our home movies again! Zac converted our mini cassettes to downloadable files so now we have many more options for viewing them. At first I was having trouble downloading them to my computer but Zac was wonderful - very patient and helpful until I got it figured out. Excellent service. Thank you Anything2DVD!"  - Laura, Midway UT


"I had my old vhs transferred to DVD and they were awesome. I am out of state and they handled the transaction like champs. I would definitely use them again. I actually plan on it in the New Year." - Blaine, Skagway AK


"Extremely satisfied! Fast, personable service with very reasonable rates. Quality digital conversion." - Cindy, Torrey UT


"I dropped off the tapes to them and they called me a few days later to let me know they were ready. It was very fast service and the DVD quality is great!" - Ryan, Riverton UT


"We contacted Zac very short notice and asked him to convert some old home movies to flash drive and digital download. He was very willing and took the time out of his holiday season in order to ensure that our Christmas went smoothly. The final product was great and gave us back some of our families memories that we hadn't seen in a long time. Overall fantastic customer service providing a priceless product, can not recommend Anything2DVD enough." - Cayden, Bountiful UT


"I had a melted VHS case but the tape was fine. They were able to transfer it to a new VHS case and to DVD!" - Suzanne, Sandy UT


"Thank you for your great service! Having my precious memories on DVD has been so pleasing. Excellent results, polite, efficient, a great price, and very pleasant lovely people." - Alana, Costa Rica


"I had a VHS converted to DVD and and audio tape converted to CD and digital file. The device was amazingly fast. Both the people i spoke with were kind, asked me exactly what I wanted, and handled the sensitive materials (my wife’s father’s last messages to her before he passed). Very professional and i will recommend them to anyone that needs this service!" - Trevor, Bluffdale UT


"I would highly recommend Zac from Anything2DVD. I had some old videos I needed transferred to digital in a hurry for my mother’s memorial and Zac had them done so quickly. He’s great to work with and so reasonably priced! Don’t hesitate to call or text him with your questions." - Carol, Millcreek UT

“I had Anything2DVD create a DVD with past and present photos for my parents 50th Anniversary. The DVD was amazing! I cried watching it. Tears of memories, happiness, and love! Thank you Zac and Anything2DVD! I was given excellent customer service. They had my order done quickly and professionally, very high quality. I won’t go anywhere else and will recommend highly! Best gift to give or receive!” - Jamie, South Jordan, UT