Tapes to DVD or Digital file

  • 1-10 tapes - $12.50 per tape

  • 11-30 tapes - $10.00 per tape

  • 31+ tapes - $9.00 per tape

This cost structure applies to both to DVD and digital conversions.  Tapes longer than 2 hours will incur an additional $5.00 per hour after.

What's included in the tape conversion to DVD or Digital? 

  • Your DVD or digital file

  • Customized DVD label

  • Clear jewel case to store the DVD

For digital files, there are three options to get your video files:

  1. Supply a flash drive large enough to hold the videos.
  2. Download the files directly to your computer from a personal link we will send you.
  3. Purchase a flash drive from Anything2DVD.

Photos to Digital

  • 35mm Slides or Film (positive or negative)

  • Color & B/W Printed pictures (up to 8"x10")

1200 dpi - $0.39 ea.

2400 dpi - $0.49 ea.


Additional Video Services: 

  • Additional DVD Copies - $5 per disc.

  • Create digital file from DVD - $5 per file

Our services are a fraction of the cost of other companies. At Anything2DVD, we offer high quality products and services, yet have very little overhead. We pass this savings onto you. We believe that preserving your priceless memories should not be a financial burden. Learn more about our company here.

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